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Closing Ceremony and Thank You!

As we come to a close, we, as the mods of azkatrazathome, would like to give you all a big thank you for your prodigious participation, your dandy drabbles, your awesome art, your terrific tag team submissions, and your perfectly positive personalities! I hope, like us, you have had fun and made new fiends.

From us...

To you...

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Please enjoy the
CCD prompt post 1

1. My mother says I mustn't.
mabonwitch * treacle_tartlet

2. What do you mean 'Wizards can get pregnant?
melfinatheblue * melfinatheblue * blamebrampton * jackiejlh * treacle_tartlet * enchanted_jae

3. I can't believe it was really him polyjuiced!
lotus_lizzy * yreacle_tartlet

4. How else do you think Percy got to be Head Boy?
marguerite_26 * mahaliem * lolafalola * treacle_tartlet

5. Leather makes everything sexier.
mahaliem * mk_malfoy * faynia * treacle_tartlet * dreamdustmama * cydienne * dt8thd

Some/all the above:
graylor * in_praesenti

CCD prompt post 2

6. Everyone has experimented with Charlie Weasley at least once.
curia_regis * shadowclub * maevemist * blamebrampton * aidenface * daddybear716 * treacle_tartlet *
cydienne * mific

7. Pansy may have had a pug face, but she was far from the biggest dog in
Slytherin house.
miss_morland * hereticalvision * treacle_tartlet

8. *is affronted* What's wrong with truth or dare?
love_stoned0_0 * jackiejlh * treacle_tartlet

9. I hate to think what Granger had to do to get that grade in history of magic.
lotus_lizzy * treacle_tartlet

10. 'Broom polishing kit'? Oh really - we all know that's a euphemism
treacle_tartlet * in_praesenti

Some/all the above:

CCD Prompt post 3

11. Goyle's quidditch leathers were so snug as to be obscene.
mahaliem * lolafalola * treacle_tartlet * marcelmoonstone

12. Lucius Malfoy: more of a trollop than Charlie Weasley - Discuss
cyane_snape * treacle_tartlet * melfinatheblue

13. After Dumbledore came out, Harry dreaded having to guess the passwords to get up to his office.
treacle_tartlet * lolafalola

14. He's very nice really, as long as you don't show up wearing man-made fibers or with red hair.
daddybear716 * treacle_tartlet

15. The stories about what went on in the showers after Quidditch reached legendary proportions.
jackiejlh * orwhoeveriam * treacle_tartlet

CCD Prompt post 4

16. Any more of this and it isn't the Dark Lord that we'll be worrying about.
treacle_tarlet * blamebrampton * yumekutteikt

17. What happens at Auror Training Camp, stays at Auror Training Camp
lolafalola * treacle_tarlet

18. Hagrid's recent friendship with Aberforth Dumbledore worried more than just the local goat population.

19. Draco loves all things sparkly.
lotus_lizzy * cydienne * cydienne * grey_hunter * treacle_tartlet * melfinatheblue

20. Tired of the constat bickering, this volatile couple is forced to participate in forced marital role playing.

CCD Prompt post 5

21. Albus Severus Potter? His name made him sound like the bastard man-child of at least two dead headmasters.
graylor * Yumekuttiekt * Treacle Tartlet * yumekutteikt

22. Draco dearly wished that a fellow Hogwarts alum would one day arrive on his doorstep as a small fluffy animal.
winterthunder * treacle_tartlet

23. Greg Goyle - behemoth of lurve. Available for personal visits.
raitala * treacle_tartlet * abzurd

24. Everyone spiked Granger's drink in the hope that she'd do her dreadful pole dancing party trick again.
yeuxmarrons * emilythewise * treacle_tartlet

25. Was Engorgio really an appropriate charm to use mid-duel?
megans_writing * grey_hunter * Ttreacle_tartlet

26. Oh come one, you didn't really buy that 'wand picks the wizard' crap did you?
dark_pookha * treacle_tartlet *

CCD Prompts 6

27. Slytherin orgy party!
emilythewise * treacle_tarlet *

28. Now gay, Draco realizes he must reveal his hip-bones, he must!

29. While Scorpius was telling the Potter family about his holiday, Harry wondered idly whether he gave blow jobs as good as his daddy did.

30. Ron's shirt gave a whole new meaning to 'camping'.
daiseechain * treacle_tartlet

31. Due to unfortunate misfiring by Professor Sprout, an entire class of sixth years are now five year old children. Good thing we have Professor Snape handy to be a de facto parental figure.
grey_hunter * lotus_lizzy * cydienne * treacle_tartlet

CCD Prompts 7

32. But I've always been secretly on your side!

33. Shut up, or I'll use my Veela powers on you!
lotus_lizzy * cydienne

34. But ... I thought everyone wore white PVC trousers on a Friday night!

35. I heard Lucius Malfoy wears a hairpiece made out of unicorn tails.
blamebrampton * naadi * treacle_tartlet * cydienne * grey_hunter * cydienne

36. I say, I say, I say. Why has Voldemort got no nose?
gray_hunter * catsintheattic * treacle_tarlet

Combination of the above:
graylor * treacle_tarlet * mabonwitch

CCD Prompts 8

37. Let's order curry take-away.

38. Room of Requirement certainly comes in handy at times like this.
treacle_tarlet* samena Part 1 and samena Part 2

39. Crabbe & Goyle: They only pretend to be stupid.
lotus_lizzy * treacle_tartlet * yumekuttiekt

40. You're the heir to how many founders?
abzurd * treacle_tartlet * cydienne

41. When you've made it into the inner circle, it's 'Mione and 'Dray'

42. Blaise is THE ultimate, suave, all-knowing sex-god.

CCD Prompts 9

43. Being with Grawp gave Hermione a whole new perspective on 'golden showers'.

44. Hang on, you're a WHAT?
treacle_tartlet * aidenface *yumekutteikt

45. EVERYBODY is gay.
maevmist * treacle_tartlet

46. When all else fails, try a Weasley

47. I can't believe Jo forgot to mention this in canon!
treacle_tartlet * Maevmist

48. When Harry put his hand down Malfoy's trousers for the first time he discovered that Malfoy gelled more than just the hair on his head.

CCD Prompts 10

49. No, your real father is...!

50. Severus Snape, sex god.
treacle_tartlet * cydienne * vividzephyr

51. My childhood was SO much more tortured than yours!
catsintheattic" * yumekutteikt * treacle_tartlet

52. HP could be vastly improved by this crossover!

53. Ginny got back together with Dean

54. The spell is 'Lubricus'

Combination of above:
centaury_squill * treacle_tartlet

Please let us know if we left anyone out! We apologize, but there were just so many!

Our Epic Tag-Team Fic The Other Turn

and Our Many and Various Roundtable Discussions

Thank you again!
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